All these things but Him…

Many, many, many things have contributed to the person you are today

Many things means the good and the bad,

It could be the parenting or lack of parenting you received growing up,

It means the heartbreak you experienced when you least expected it,

The verbal, mental or physical abuse you went through at some in your life,

It means the mental illness you’re struggling with today, even right now,

It means all the times you have felt alone,

It means all the moments that have not made sense or have seemed unfair,

It means the time you grieved the loss of a loved one,

It means the trauma you experienced that still triggers you,

All these things have somehow shaped your mind and the perspective you have on life,

But NONE of these things can prevent the will of God for your life.

Your creator KNOWS you and uses all the above for your good! It is indeed a blessing to know that all my pain and suffering is not and will never be in vain. Romans 8:28

Yours Truly,



  1. Reblogged this on seliansays and commented:
    Truthful, personal and encouraging as always, Debbie.

    Hearing these words, colored richly by biblical insight, however heavy hearted you may be – may your spirit be uplifted and encouraged today.

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